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As an entrepreneur you’re used to taking risks. Of course you do so responsibly. Naturally you try to avoid financial setbacks, but let’s be honest: are you always well-prepared when it comes to that? Or are you so full of trust that you’re willing to take your chances? Be careful, and investigate the financial dealings of (potential) clients by checking their credit. Avoid setbacks and request a credit report now: call (040) 241 10 36. Your first example report of a Dutch company is on the house!

Current insights in credit risks

It seems so normal: clients that follow the rules and keep to the payment agreements that you’ve made. The practice, however, isn’t always a cakewalk. Some clients knowingly hoodwink, others are on the receiving end of an economic downturn that lead to a shortage of liquid assets. Having an up-to-date analysis of possible credit risks prepares you for your next commission, both domestically and in the foreign markets.

Incassoplein Credit Report

  • Gain insight in the latest annual figures, composition of management, and corporate structure
  • Obtain professional advice on the maximum credit you can responsibly offer
  • Domestic credit report:: € 17,50 per copy
  • Foreign credit report: € 50,- per copy
  • Attractive bundle fees available for regular or bulk orders


Do you need a credit report? From our office at the Videolab at Strijp-S, Eindhoven Incassoplein offers services mainly to clients in the Eindhoven - Tilburg - Den Bosch triangle area. Fortunately, thanks to the technological advances of the Internet, we can also offer services like our Credit Report to entrepreneurs outside of this area. Do you have doubts about the credit score of a (potential) debtor? Order your credit report now!

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